Digital Marketing For Local, Small Business

The marketing needs of a local business are unique.  The challenges of succeeding as a small business are unique as well.  UnChained Consulting understands those challenges and knows how to help propel your business forward via local digital marketing.

How We Accelerate Local, Small Businesses

Strategy Development

Helping you to define you digital strategy to drive the most business.

Website Design and Development

Developing a website that is functional and serves your business goals.


Getting your website to the front page of Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Social Media and Content Management

Development and implementation of social media and content creation management.

The website is exactly what we were looking for, simple easy to use and easy to call from.  I still can’t believe how fast it was on the first page of google search!

Neil Detmer

Owner, Detmer Automotive

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Tim Detmer

Tim Detmer

Lead Strategiest

Tim Detmer is our Lead Strategist.  You will find him working on many projects simultaneously outside of his work at UnChained.  He is currently involved in, and  This outside interest is key to keeping his strategy develop skills on point and always up-to-date.

Local Digital Marketing News

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UPDATE: We Are Diversifying

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